About FAC

Fuzhou Association of Canada (FAC) is a non-profit organization which was registered and founded on December 30, 1999. The aim of our association has been to serve the immigrants from the Greater Fuzhou Area, to maintain the Fuzhou culture and to protect the interests of our members and folks.

Fuzhou peoples are hard-working peoples. Making our living as labour at first, many of us have now become owners of supermarkets, restaurants, construction companies as well as other businesses.

More and more Fuzhou people joined the main society, becoming Canadians, purchasing residential houses and commercial properties, raising the next generations in Canada. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, Fuzhou community has been growing tremendously. About one hundred fifty thousand Fuzhou people have been living and working in Canada, and most have settled in or around GTA, Ontario. As one of the fast-growing communities, Fuzhou Canadians will be one influential force in the voting teams of the future selections. We will have a say in the building of a greater and stronger Canada.

Executive Team and Organization of FAC

        President:                                 Roland Lin                                 Director General: Lin XiangRui

        Executive Vice President:     Chen HeLiang                          Vice Director General: Chen Ting

        Executive Vice President:     Chen ZhaoFei                           Vice Director General: Zheng Chen

        Executive Vice President:     Lin XiangKang                          Vice Director General: Li Cun-hua

        Executive Vice President:     Robin Ruo                                 Vice Director General: Jiang Longkun

        Executive Vice President:     Tony Lin                                      Vice Director General: Gilbert Chen


        Secretary-General:                                             Tony Lin                      

                Deputy Secretary-General:                         Jolin Yang; Jason Zhang

        Finance Director:                                                 Chen HeLiang 

                Deputy Director:                                            Li Cun-hua; Chen Tianren; Chen Hong

        Director of the Public Relations Office:         Lin, Xiangkang

                Deputy Director:                                            Lin LiGuang, Li Jinxiu

        Director of the Commercial Section:              Robin Ruo

                Deputy Director:                                            Gilbert Chen, Zhang Tong record

        Director of the Publicity Department:             Chen Ting,

                Deputy Director:                                            Chen Rong, Tracy pool

        Director of the Women's Department:           Lin XiuHua

                Deputy Director:                                            Lin MengHui; Lin MeiYing

        Welfare Director:                                                 Zheng Qin,

                Deputy Director:                                            Gao GuangGui; Zhou Lifeng

        Religious Department Director:                       Zheng Chen,

                Deputy Director:                                            Lin DenBiao, Lin Meirong

        Senior Activities Center Director:                   Chen HeLiang,

                Deputy Director:                                            Lin Zhao Zhao, Gao Xiang

        Director of Recreation Center:                         Chen ZhaoFei

                Deputy Director:                                            Lin Jiangzhi, Chen Wanjian


        Vice President:     Huang, Qilin; Arthur Miao, Qi; Zhao, Rupei; Shi, JiaQuan; Chen, Wang;

                          Zhang, Song; Amy Wu


        Consultant:             Li, Gui; Fang, Hui; Lai, Zhixiu; Chen, Yongyi; Hu, Yimin; Chao, GongYu; Wu, Yong

Fuzhou Association of Canada (FAC) Constitution

(Version 2015-05-01)


Fuzhou Association of Canada is a mass organization of Fuzhou by the folks living in Canada consisting of a non-profit.


To build bridges between Canada and China, special Fuzhou, for friendships, cultural and business exchanges; to help Fuzhou folks in Canada getting desired rights and welfare.


1. Solidarity Fuzhou folks in Canada;

2. Provide a variety of public service to Fuzhou folks; Help Fuzhou folks for benefits;

3. Focus on the cultural heritage of Fuzhou, to carry forward the spirit of hard work of Fuzhou folks, to offer recreational activities, and provide social networking opportunities for the Fuzhou folks;

4. Establish a platform to integrate resources, and to promote cultural and commercial exchanges between Canada and China;

5. Establish FAC Seniors Foundation;

6. Establish FAC Education Foundation.